About Us

The MorphOS development team is a group of individuals with a diverse mix of personal backgrounds spread all over Europe, Africa and Antarctica. Its members range from seasoned developers of complex, yet robust low-level system software to the technically creative minds behind award-winning scene demos.

The project´s original goal was to create a new operating system which allowed to transparently run legacy applications originally written for Commodore's Ax00 range of computers on modern hardware. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that team members had previously produced the leading retargettable graphics driver system, the de-facto standard PowerPC software integration, the premiere USB driver system and the highly popular MUI graphical user interface development system, which has been used to create many hundreds of applications for Commodore´s computer platform.

Information on how to contact us can be found here.

Core Development Team
(in alphabetical order)

Nicholai Benalal

Fabien Coeurjoly »

Antoine Dubourg »

Grzegorz Kraszewski »

Marcin Kurek

Ilkka Lehtoranta »

Frank Mariak

Guido Mersmann »

Mark Olsen »

Jacek Piszczek »

Nicolas Sallin »

Leif Salomonsson »

Ralph Schmidt

André Siegel

Harry Sintonen »

Sigbjørn Skjæret

Pawel Stefanski »

Stefan Stuntz »

Marek Szyprowski »

Michał Wozniak »

Michał Żukowski »

Notable Mentions
(in alphabetical order)
Nicolas Det
for vorbisfile.library and various low-level driver related work
David Gerber
for Ambient and all related libraries, work on the MorphOS build system and Software Development Kit
Chris Hodges
for the Poseidon USB stack
Emmanuel Lesueur
for unmeasurable amount of work on the MorphOS kernel, ROM and disk-based components, compiler support and the SDK
Michal Rybinski
for various MUI and Preference classes, system tools and utilities.
Teemu Suikki
for the Trance 68k Just-In-Time Compiler and WarpOS API wrapper
for providing the source base of various components, including but not limited to DOS, Intuition, GadTools, Locale, Commodities.

and last but not least... all the fellows of the MorphOS beta testing group.

Special thanks to...
(in alphabetical order)
Olaf Barthel
for FastFileSystem 2 (FFS)
Nicholas Blachford
Johan Rönnblom
Emanuel Steen
for documentation related works
Martin Blom
for his Audio Hardware Interface (AHI)
Treveur Betaudiere
for some Intuition skins
Neil Cafferkey
for help with wireless network support
Emanuele Cesaroni
for audio.device
Wiktor Glowacki
for contributing icons and UI graphics
Troels Walsted Hansen
for the OpenURL system
Trond Werner Hansen
for his work on the CyberGraphX layers.library
Stefan A. Haubenthal
for contributing localization related components
John Hendrikx
for SmartFileSystem (SFS)
Markus Illenseer
for many of the "Beyond the Dark" screen blanker modules
Kai Iske
for MUIProCalc
Marcin Kwiatkowski
for the Sputnik web browser included in earlier MorphOS releases
Mathieu Leroyer
for the Grabber utility, Kaya, tiff.library and datatype
Bernhard Möllemann
for ram-handler
Timm S. Müller
for MysticView and its library dependencies
Tomi Ollila
Pekka Pessi
Markus Peuhkuri
Jarno Rajahalme
for AmiTCP and related commands
Michiel Pelt
for Professional File System (PFS)
Bertrand Presles
for the infamous MorphOS 1.4 calculator
Matthias Scheler
for picture datatypes and the "Beyond the Dark" screen blanker system which served as a base for the MorphOS blanker system
Felix Schwarz
for his work on the MorphOS 1.4 SDK distribution
Nicolas Szalski
for many icons, some Intuition skins and wallpapers
Benjamin Vernoux
for OpenPCI
Oliver Wagner
for various MUI custom classes
Marcin Zajac
for the "MorphOS Theme" and "MorphOS Installation Theme" jingles

...and many others we might have forgotten.