Before you proceed to install MorphOS 3.11 for the first time, we suggest that you review our hardware compatibility page and read these installation instructions. If you experience any problems, please visit our help desk section.

MorphOS 3.11 Boot Media
MorphOS Live CD Image
MD5SUM: 12f4c8bc8970e9d39563ee1f0ab51054
Efika USB Image
MD5SUM: 1eb9b1953377457ed2c96e91152937cf
Sam460 SD Card Image
MD5SUM: 15835611e15a58c6ada7b33a026f4247
MorphOS Software Development Kit
MorphOS 3.12 SDK - April 2018
Legacy Updates for MorphOS 1.4
Source Code Releases
You will find an extensive list of readily available source packages on in our dedicated Source Code Section.