Below you will find an extensive list of the work that went into MorphOS 3.4.
Please note that this is just an overview and does not mention or explain every new feature.
MorphOS 3.4 boot.img Changes

The following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 3.3 and 3.4 release of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components.

Quark and Related Modules

  • Improved system timer handling on Apple machines, fixes the problem where the clock would drift on longer uptimes.
  • Fixed several firmware related problems that prevented some PCI cards from working properly on G5 machines.


  • Enabled the sensor for 5,3-5,5 PowerBooks


  • Enabled audio on PowerBooks5,3/4/5
  • Enabled lid state detection for some iBooks


  • Special keys work on older PowerBooks now
  • Fixed issues with the keyboard backlight timeout handling


  • Improved performance of large files in some cases.


  • Fixed appending redirect (>>) to >2GB file


  • Support for SiI3114 cards (master ports only)


  • New Password Lock functionality
  • Added an ability to execute commands when blanker state changes
  • Improved drawing performance of MUI screens using custom image backgrounds
  • Fixed hotkey handling not to leak a mouse up event when a double click on the window titlebar causes it to maximise
MorphOS 3.4 Disk Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made to the disk based components of MorphOS. While not mentioned for every component translations were updated for most of them. Also various cosmetic fixes were applied here and there.


  • Fixed several issues with the new panels
  • Added GetMimeType and GetDeficonPath REXX commands
  • Snapshot Window creates an .info file using the DefIcons now if there isn't an icon to save to


  • Added a scoring system
  • Fixed an infinite loop bug


  • Fixed audio detection routines not to qualify .iso files as audio in some cases
  • Fixed a few misc issues


  • Fixed playlist item removal
  • Fixed dragging & multi selection
  • Fixed a deadlock on exit
  • Other misc fixes


  • Extended the TERM variable setting so that xterm-256color fits


  • Added MUI frontend: RDesktopGui
  • Fixed bugs in remote disk handling


  • Internal CMYK handling
  • Better Reggae support
  • Saves DPI information


  • Added a split mode
  • More robust support for links in gcc output
  • Fixes in project handling
  • Fixed broken encoding on open in some cases


  • A new Text tool
  • Bugfixes
  • Uses Reggae encoder/muxers framework for saving


  • Operations on multiple files fixed
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Improved download and upload transfer speed
  • Added new options to context menus
  • Fixed problem with excessive CPU load while downloading


  • Added buffering while printing PostScript files
  • Updated poppler to 0.24.3

C/Clone New

  • DOS-style implementation of the 'tee' command from Unix-like operating systems

C/WaitForLib New


  • Updated to handle preferences files changes


  • Added support for large (>2GB) archives 1
  • Added support for large (>2GB) files inside archives
  • Fixed SFX! support
  • Fixed multivolume support
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations
  1. The file system must support large files. It is also necessary to specify the temporary directory (-w) to a filesystem with such support.


  • Wireless will now connect to any configured WLAN on boot, not just the one selected last time


  • Fixed the decoding of AGP3.0 combined 4x/8x mode


  • Fixed large archives handling


  • Better looking charts


  • Fixed TTEngine font height handling


  • Added a context menu to allow removing stored WLANs, enables one to retype a password after a mistake


  • Added a possibility to cycle through sensors and display their labels


  • Added another TAS300x codec system
  • Use PCM3052 codec for PowerBook5,7
  • Added PowerBook5,5 codec support

Devs/Keymaps/Colemak New


  • Fixed a rare stability issue when using MMIO on some R300-based Radeons.
  • Now properly configures the 3D pipelines on R300-based Radeons.
  • Fixed a problem that caused 16 bit modes to have wrong colours on some systems.
  • Added support for having video overlay data in AGP memory on G5 machines. This functionality can be disabled with the AGPOVL_DISABLE tooltype.
  • AGP performance improvements.
  • Added support for hardware screen scaling for all iBooks and PowerBooks except the 17" models.
  • R300-based Radeons now support screens up to 2656 pixels wide.


  • Added a special Virtual monitor window that mirrors the monitor's contents


  • Autonegotiation fixes
  • Fixed to update link speeds when manually configured
  • Fixed network setup on PowerMac5,1 (Cube)


  • Allow PCM3052 codec on PowerBook5,7


  • Fixed a memory trash


  • Updated to v4
  • Bug fixes


  • Updated to 2.4.12


  • Use Seek64 where applicable.
  • Change to the directory containing the soft link before calling ReadLink()


  • Fixed parser to properly handle sign character directly followed by decimal point ("+.43", "-.047").


  • Fixed a bug that could cause stability issues with applications which submit large batches of vertices to the driver in a single call.


  • Fixed a potential problem with AGP support with cards with very large PCI memory bases.
  • Performance optimisations.


  • Fixed a few minor issues with the initial driver setup.


  • Panel.mui can now refresh application windows even if used directly
  • Improved file requester keyboard handling
  • Text.mui: added MUIA_Text_Marking, a tag to control marking + copy to clip support for a certain object


  • Configurable SACK support
  • Extended the AREXX interface


  • Added blanker DOS script support
  • Cleanups


  • Added the Lock Screen hotkey


  • Added NetStack kernel options


  • Show up on all USB touchpad PowerBooks and iBooks


  • Added a new Default MorphOS User panel which can be used to enable the password screen locking functionality


  • Added ability to get any common format when data is stored in a such format
  • Added CMYK32 to image common formats including conversion routines in videopcm.decoder/encoder and direct CMYK32 output in JPEG decoder.
  • Added possibility of direct GRAY8 output in PNG/JPEG decoders
  • Reworked metadata support. Metadata can be added to any object in any time
  • Added storing metadatas in JPEG and PNG encoders/muxers while data saving
  • Added DOS buffering to file.output
  • Added BGRA32 support, better buffering and conversion routine reselection in videopcm.encoder
  • Fixed bugs in jpeg.muxer, iffdeep.muxer, audio.output, and videopcm.encoder classes
  • Added support for BGRA32 format in rawvideo.muxer
  • Fixed ability to set task priority in audio.output


  • Run S:user-network-startup (if exists) after networking is up. The file can be used to launch various user defined applications that need networking set up
  • Fixed to wait until NetStack really is ready to go


  • Improved A/UX BootArgs handling in Apple Partition Map


  • Reworked the destination partition version check
  • Addressed the long standing "custom setup on a Mac" issue when updating or installing - one can now manually select the partition to copy the boot.img and related files to


  • Added new IP, UDP, TCP statistics


  • Added support for GPU clock


  • Added a workaround for missing Windows-#? codepage files


  • AGuide support fixes
  • Added a tooltip to display coordinate and RGB values
  • Fixed a bug in clipboard image writing code that caused wrong image data for last column in some iff clipboard pictures