Below you will find an extensive list of the work that went into MorphOS 3.10.
Please note that this is just an overview and does not mention or explain every new feature.
MorphOS 3.10 boot.img Changes

The following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 3.9 and 3.10 release of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components.


  • Crash logs contain names of public system functions where applicable


  • Added UTC support: Time is now stored in UTC to RTC


  • Fixed a minor memtrash


  • Fixed SYS_FilterTags: Filters tags if not specified or if specified as TRUE, doesn't filter tags if specified as FALSE
  • RunCommand: pass seglist pointer in A3 to allow Shrinkler compressed applications to run
  • Avoid accessing already freed memory when flushing FSContext tree nodes


  • Fixed wrong Z flag generation in bfff, bftst


  • Fixed access to objects which are stored in first entry in root directory
  • Fixed parent directory paradox (attempt to access location parent to root wasn't handled properly)


  • Fixed GTA_Scroller_Inc to actually increase value


  • Fixed FindColor() to take its first argument from A3, not A0


  • Fixed complement fill drawing mode on 32bit screens (used by highlighting in PGS4)
  • Fixed AreaEnd() possible wrong return code


  • Added support for 'vanilla' U-boot, as used by the Cyrus Plus
  • X5000 support
  • Added support for ApplePartitionMap partition scan
  • Added basic SFS support


  • Added DRIVERFLAGF_DMAONLY. Makes the driver use DMA instead of PIO for ATA identify commands
  • Added support for P50x0 SATA
  • Added support for SiI3132 PCI Express SATA controllers


  • Disappearing titlebar handling fixed for Ambient screen
  • Fixed a race condition with usergroup initialization which might have caused the initial login screen to fail in some cases
  • ObjectiveC BOOPSI bridging support
  • Fixed ShowTitle flag handling
  • Skins improvements, i.e. added new SkinConfig keywords:
    FILEEXTENSION .extension
  • Lock screen now shares the settings of the boot screen
  • Upon initial login, a s:user-auth-startup may now be run with login and password as parameters - this allows for example mounting a Kryptos partition automatically using user's password as the partition password


  • Added automated detection and mounting of raw filesystems
  • Filesystem.conf split into user editable and system internal files


  • Fixed a long standing bug that could lead into 'index block' errors
  • Fixed softlink support that never worked properly before
  • Consider PFS3 with future options enabled as non-DOS, this avoids trouble if some future PFS3 filesystem is plugged into current MorphOS
  • Fixed deldir files possibly returning already overwritten data
  • Fixed ACTION_FORMAT dp_Res2 in error conditions


  • Silenced most popups in the default configuration
  • PoPo commodities support disabled


  • Changed the Abox mapping to free up an additional 192MB for use by Abox
  • P5020/P5040 support
  • Properly detect and add the AGP bridge on PowerMac7,2 machines
  • Disabled the second CPU on PowerMac7 machines
  • Misc fixes and improvements


  • Added UTC support: System time is UTC now


  • Fixed report descriptor evaluation for some keyboards (e.g. Rapoo E9050)
  • Pop up task disabled for devices that have no control UI
  • Activating the HID Control in Exchange brings up the control UI
  • Ignore PS4 pads (to let the gamepad driver kick in)
  • Improved Wacom Intuos pressure support

USB/camdusbmidi.class New

  • A reimplemented camdusbmidi class


  • Isochronous transfers support, enables USB Audio
MorphOS 3.10 Disk Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made to the disk based components of MorphOS.


  • SVG icons support
  • Trashcan support
  • Threading model improvements
  • Transition effect when rotating images
  • Fixed to not display non-functional 'Sort by...' in lister mode
  • Fixed a race condition when loading multiple reggae objects simultaneously
  • Optimized reggae image loader
  • Added a SetPrefs ARexx command
  • Use faster file copying routines, fixes in the copy progress bar
  • Updated to use the new in-place editing MUI API
  • Inline editing of date, time and protection attributes
  • Reduced flickering when entries are edited
  • Progress windows should no longer pop in front of more important dialogs
  • Fixed PutDiskObject() to work correctly if called again with same icon object
  • Added 'Create icon' button to information window
  • Added support for icon files without embedded graphics
  • Added 'Get default' in information window to replace embedded icon graphics with link to deficon
  • Added coloring to directory names in list mode
  • Panel zipping fixes
  • Fixed the sound screenbar to display a scrollbar on all screens
  • Added TOFRONT/S argument to LOADURI command
  • Changing stack size in icon info window fixed to enable the Save button
  • New view mode switch buttons
  • Fixed searching in MyMorphOS
  • Fixed: iconless drivers would sometimes display a random icon instead
  • Fixed: Creating a drawer which already exists leads to an error requester now


  • Added Hollywood Applet


  • Added ManageDesktopObject() to work around WorkbenchControl() design issues
  • Added CreateDrawerA(), CreateIconA()

Applications/FlowStudio New

The feature-rich Scribble text editor that was previously shipped with MorphOS has evolved into an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). To cater for users who prefer a traditional text editor, the environment can however still be used in such a way depending on how it is configured.

Compared to Scribble 1.7, the final public release, improvements are numerous:

  • Work space management using a hierarchical tree view that can include one or several development projects (which can be linked).
  • Properties can be set for individual (e.g. source/header) files
  • Wizard for easy creation of development projects
  • Integrated support for C, C++ and Objective C.
  • Project settings can be controlled in an easy-to-use, yet very flexible GUI. Even very complex source projects can be fully managed from the GUI.
  • Automatic GNU Makefile creation and execution
  • Integrated source-level debugger. The debugger provides the possibility to set breakpoints (with or without conditions) and to monitor variables and expressions live.
  • Integrated command line panel. The powerful MorphOS shell can now be used directly from Flow Studio.
  • Integrated diff tool which produces coloured side-by side comparisons. It can be used either with a CVS repository or to compare two local files.
  • New editor theme support. Granular support of colours and styles is provided through a new FlowStudio theme file type. For access to a wide range of ready-made themes, FlowStudio can also import Notepad++ themes.
  • Optional integrated GUI skins that can be used instead of MUI settings.
  • Improved backup functionality
  • CVS blames support
  • Many smaller improvements and bug fixes


  • Added count display to benchmarks
  • It is now possible select bit depth and ram/vram combinations


  • Rexx mount command added


  • Adjusted behavior of 'use native resolution' option

Applications/LogTool New

  • A complete rewrite of Logtool, featuring multiple windows, views, advanced crash analysis and lua scripting.


  • Disable RC4 ciphers unless if OWB_CURL_FORCE_SSLv3 is set
  • Uses a proper explicit cipher list (identical to Firefox)
  • If SSL errors are being ignored, also disable CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST
  • Updated About/Start page, restyled the error page
  • Track creation of child WebFrames so that they can be destroyed in parent destructor, solves a major memory leak
  • Integrated several other fixes by Krzysztof "deadwood" Smiechowicz
  • Enabled SSL_OP_SINGLE_ECDH_USE and secp256r1, secp384r1 and secp521r1 elliptic curves
  • Adjusted the preferred signature algorithm order
  • Download Fonts is an executable now to allow more reliable downloads
  • Certificate bundle now loaded from MOSSYS:Data/SSL


  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2m


  • Clipboard support
  • Better Automatic Document Feeder handling
  • Better Page sizes handling

Applications/Scribble Replaced

  • Superseded by Flow Studio

Applications/ShowCase (formerly Showgirls)

  • Added missing cycle chain for check mark gadgets
  • Fixed various UI issues
  • Added ICC support
  • Fixed (Adobe)YCCK to s(RGB) color space translation


  • Added support for clipboard copy/paste functions


  • Protocol 1.6 support, with 1.4 legacy fallback
  • SSL support
  • Copy & paste works with both 1.4 and 1.6-1.9 Synergy server
  • Fixed mapping of several keys, with a configurable <> key workaround
  • Added screensaver synchronization


  • LIBSSH session timeout improvements
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added ICC support
  • Updated to poppler-0.56
  • PS printing improvements
  • Full screen support
  • GUI layout fixes
  • Lots of new hotkeys
  • OpenURL support
  • Duplex printing fixes
  • Implemented a fast rendering mode which doesnt apply ICC profiles
  • Improved search functionality

C/Bz2 Reimplemented

C/Clone Reimplemented


  • Added more common LIST/S as alternative for SHOW/S to the dos template

C/Debug Reimplemented


  • Added SmbFS and TrashFS disk/partition types


  • Support for shiftclick in mouse settings
  • Disappearing titlebar fixes
  • Support propagating ENV:TZ changes to locale.library


  • Fixed -V (multivolume) to allow sizes larger than 2GB

C/LibList Reimplemented

C/LoadLib New

Load libraries and classes into memory


  • Checks if the URL already has file:// prefix if FILE/S option is given and if so assume the URL already is valid URL


  • VERBOSE output decodes some additional capabilities now

C/Play Reimplemented

C/PlayMidi New

  • CAMD Midi player

C/RXCmd Reimplemented


  • support new UTC APIs


  • support new UTC APIs, removing the complexity of DST management


  • No longer allows 32 bit file seek operations that would result in the new position overflowing a signed 32 bit variable
  • New oplock level in SMB_COM_LOCKING_ANDX could have been random
  • smb_proc_reconnect() is now much more paranoid when it comes to verify that the negotiated protocol makes sense
  • SMB over TCP support
  • NETBIOS switch to disable raw SMB transport mode which is now default
  • Added UTC and system timezone support


  • "TO" now defaults to CONSOLE: if omitted

C/Ssh2FS New

  • SSH2FS filesystem

C/Time Reimplemented


  • Fixed a bug that could lead into 68k stack corruption

C/WaitForNotification New

  • Simple but handy file notification utility

Classes/Blankers/Gameoflife.btd New

  • Game of life inspired screen blanker

Classes/Blankers/Iconwall.btd New

  • Blanker showing system icons as wall of icons


  • Fixed handling of top2bottom encoded BMPs


  • Fixed transformation from CMYK/AdobeYCCK to (s)RGB output color space

For more information about Objective-C in MorphOS, please read our technical introduction.

Classes/Frameworks/ob.framework New

  • ObjectiveC runtime for MorphOS featuring all of the basic Foundation containers as well as a MorphOS specific threading model

Classes/Frameworks/mui.framework New

  • A revolutionary ObjectiveC bridge for rapid MUI application development.
  • Features Unicode support and automatic subclassing of MUI's classes

Classes/MUI/Aboutbox Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Aboutmorphos Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Betterbalance Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Calendar New

  • Calendar display class. Click on the screen bar time display for a demo

Classes/MUI/Chart Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Cpumonitor Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Crawling Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Graph Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Hyperlink Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Lamp Reimplemented


  • Added keyboard and mouse controls

Classes/MUI/Piano New

  • A simple piano keyboard


  • Added custom escape sequences to trigger a path mode completion for MUICON
  • Tweaks for Flowcon-Handler

Classes/MUI/Rawimage Reimplemented


  • Updated to Scintilla 3.6.0, with several patches from 3.7.0
  • Updated the errorlist lexer to the one from Scintilla 3.6.4, allows coloring of ANSI escape sequences produced by GCC&Clang
  • Allows explicit foldpoints also in normal /* */ comments
  • Improved paste routine, fixes pasting on multiple selections
  • Fixed multibyte character rendering when using graphics.library rendering
  • Removed the internal spacing of the frame of Scintilla area class
  • Fixed cursor positioning issues when using ttengine and UTF-8

Classes/MUI/Urltext Reimplemented

Classes/MUI/Virtualkeyboard New

  • On screen keyboard class

Classes/MUI/VGraphics New

  • An MCC to display SVG files


  • Optimized to reduce CPU load (this is a class used by Wifi.sbar)
  • Fixed a couple of memory leak, including one that in extreme circumstances could leak small amounts of RAM every second
  • Fixed trashed signal level in the Network preferences lists
  • Usability fixes


  • New metadata API


  • Fixed: current stream position for MMA_StreamPosFrames/Time attribute was calculated incorrectly after stream seek


  • MMM_Seek() method now clears object error on success
  • Fixed transformation from (inverted Adobe)YCCK to (s)RGB colorspace


  • Fixed an inverted MMA_Video_UseAlpha attribute
  • Fixed palette images with color transparency


  • Added support of MMA_Video_BytesPerLine attribute for long padded lines


  • Fixed: track number from ID3v1 tag was reported as metadata incorrectly


  • The class now parses Shoutcast metadata and submits stream title as MMETA_Title metadata item.

Classes/Multimedia/digibooster3.demuxer New


  • Fixed a memory corruption bug


  • Fixed support of 32bit TIFF files

Classes/Multimedia/crop.filter New

  • Filter cropping the image

Classes/Multimedia/negative.filter New

  • Filter creating a negative of a provided image


  • Added cmyk32 as input format

Classes/Multimedia/scale.filter New

  • Image scaling filter

Classes/Multimedia/clipboard.output New

  • Clipboard support as an output class

Classes/Screenbar/Cpumonitor Reimplemented

Classes/Screenbar/Debug Reimplemented

Classes/Screenbar/Drivelamps Reimplemented

  • Fixed a deadlock with multiple screens opened

Classes/Screenbar/Eject Reimplemented

Classes/Screenbar/Grabber New

  • Screen, window and rectangle grabbing of on screen information

Classes/Screenbar/Keyinput New

  • Quick keymap switching and access to a virtual keyboard

Classes/Screenbar/Memory Reimplemented

Classes/Screenbar/Graphicsmemory Reimplemented

Classes/Screenbar/Netlamps Reimplemented

Classes/Screenbar/Preferences New

  • Quick and easy access to various system settings

Classes/Screenbar/Volume Reimplemented


  • Displays a help bubble with connected ssid/status

Classes/Usb/Camdusbmidi New

Classes/Usb/Serialch34x New


  • Added more supported models


  • Support for the Sony Dualshock4 controller
  • Support for various Xbox One controllers (wired)

Devs/AudioModes/CMI8738 New

  • C-Media CMI8738 audio card driver

Devs/Audiomodes/Envy24ht New

  • Envy24HT audio card drivers, including VIA Tremor


  • Motorola TIFF files support

Devs/Firmware/Radeon New

  • External firmware files for R600 to Northern Islands, excluding Hemlock and Cayman.


  • Added support for cards based on the following chips:
    		2D graphics acceleration and hardware overlay:
    		R600:     		HD2900 GT, HD2900 Pro, HD2900 XT
    		RV610:    	HD2350, HD2400, HD2400 Pro, HD2400 XT
    		RV620:    	HD3450, HD3470, HD3550, HD3570
    		RV630:    	HD2600, HD2600 Pro, HD2600 XT, HD3610
    		RV635:    	HD3650, HD3730, HD3750, HD4580
    		RV670:    	HD3830, HD3850, HD3870
    		RV710:    	HD4350, HD4550, HD4570
    		RV730:    	HD4670
    		RV740:    	HD4750, HD4770
    		RV770:    	HD4810, HD4830, HD4850, HD4870
    		RV790:    	HD4860, HD4890
    		2D graphics acceleration, no overlay:
    		Cedar:    		HD5450, HD6350, HD7350, HD8350, R5 210
    		Redwood:  	HD5550, HD5570, HD5610, HD5670, FirePro 3D V3800, FirePro 3D V4800
    		Juniper: 	 	HD5750, HD5770, HD6750, HD6770
    		Cypress:  	HD5830, HD5850, HD5870, HD5870 Eyefinity Edition
    		Caicos:   		HD6450, HD7450, HD7470, HD8450, HD8470, HD8490, R5 220, R5 230, R5 235, R5 235X
    		Turks:    		HD6570, HD6670, HD7510, HD7570, HD7670
    		Barts:    		HD6790, HD6850, HD6870
  • Fixed a problem in accelerated ScalePixelArrayAlpha() if the source offset wasn't 0, 0


  • Don't launch the SM502 monitor unless the PCI device for it actually exists

Devs/Networks/Rtl8029 New

  • Driver for Realtek 8029 based network cards

Devs/Networks/Rtl8168 New

  • Driver for Realtek 8168 based network cards

Devs/Scanners/Fujitsu New

  • Driver for scanners with Fujitsu chipset

Devs/Scanners/Genesys New

  • Driver for scanners with Genesys chipset

Devs/Scanners/Gt68xx New

  • Driver for scanners with Gt68xx chipset

Devs/Scanners/Hp3500 New

  • Driver for scanners with Hp3500 chipset

Devs/Scanners/Hp5590 New

  • Driver for scanners with Hp5590 chipset

Devs/Scanners/Lexmark New

  • Driver for scanners with Lexmark chipset

Devs/Scanners/Mustek_usb New

  • Driver for scanners with Mustek_usb chipset

Devs/Scanners/Sm3840 New

  • Driver for scanners with Sm3840 chipset

Devs/Scanners/Umax New

  • Driver for scanners with Umax chipset


  • Added several new fonts

Games/PixelCross New

  • A simple mind game

L/Flowcon-Handler New

  • Special console handler that lets nesting shells inside a Flow Studio

L/TrashFileSystem New

  • Trashcan filesystem with Ambient integration, adds the Trashcan icon to Ambient


  • Fixed issues with asynchronous access
  • Reworked rexx handling


  • Added ReadAsyncPkt() and bumped version to 51.0


  • Camd native reimplementation
  • Original 68k driver model fully removed


  • Added BOM checks, better endianess handling
  • Implemented CST_DoNotTerminate for ConvertTags()
  • Bug fixes


  • Extended the API
  • Image clipboard handling


  • Fixed buffer overflow error in InvertKeymap()


  • Fixed one or more race conditions that sometimes led to layout of the datatype not being done when it was necessary
  • Printing improvements


  • Fixed to handle path component in font name
  • Fixed a bug in NewScaledDiskFont() for ColorFonts

Libs/extras New

  • A toolkit helper library


  • RunFS and its readme added to the ISO


  • Updated to version 2.11.93


  • Updated to 2.6.3

Libs/harfbuzz New

  • HarfBuzz shared library (used by newest freetype, Pagestream5 and others)


  • Added xattr support: user.amiga.mode contains the amiga protection bits, user.amiga.comment the file comment. This is useful with for example tar, which can now store and restore amiga protection bits when --xattrs is specified
  • Added support for more errno numbers (needed by xattr)
  • Implemented mknod for regular files
  • Fixed rmdir to return ENOTDIR when the target in fact isn't a directory
  • Fixed a race condition in ffree
  • Fixed number of potential races when handling f_count
  • Fixed a descriptor leak in error code path for dup() on sockets
  • Fixed delayed unlink/chmod sometimes working on a wrong file
  • Fixed a race condition in /dev/ptty* open
  • Fixed invalid memory access if bogus fd is passed to fpathconf, fchmod, fchown, ioctl, isatty, read, statfs or statfs64
  • Fixed lstat()/lstat64() with softlinks within the path before the last component
  • Fixed readlink() parsing the ReadLink() return code
  • Added localtime_r, gmtime_r, ctime_r and asctime_r
  • Added q/ll/imaxabs, q/ll/imaxdiv, strtoimax and strtoumax
  • Added fseeko -> fseek and ftello -> ftell alises
  • Added alias for vfscanf
  • lseek/lseek64: don't read random memory if bogus fd is passed
  • Fixed delayed unlink/chmod sometimes working on a wrong file
  • Fixed invalid memory access if bogus fd is passed to fpathconf, fchmod, fchown, ioctl, isatty, read, statfs or statfs64
  • Fixed mbsinit. Fixes sed and likely quite a lot of other stuff that depends on libwchar
  • Fixed fread() to set EOF properly in case the caller attempts to read more data than is available
  • Added UTC and system timezone support


  • loc_MeasuringSystem was undefined
  • Added UTC and system timezone support


  • Upgraded to liblzma 5.2.3

Libs/mysticview Partly Rewritten


  • Updated with new IDs


  • Updated to libpng 1.2.57 - fixes CVE-2015-8126 and CVE-2015-8540


  • New HMAC_DRBG based random generation algorithm. The underlying hash algorithm is SHA-256
  • Reduced stack usage of entropy_read_strong, just in case
  • Fixed CGX random source to only be used if screen is already open, fixes slower than normal boot times, etc
  • Fixed a small issue where the library would try to Open() a directory

Libs/sqlite New

  • Shared sqlite library


  • Supports mkv/webm/h256/HEVC
  • Updated to ffmpeg 3.4.1
  • Added support for SVG images


  • Fixed a problem when doing partial updates of textures. Fixes text rendering in Blender
  • Added support for two-sided lighting and partial colour material support
  • All non-compressed textures are now microtiled. Works around an R300 hardware bug where textures get trashed if you sample multiple textures per pixel and you mix linear textures with compressed/microtiled textures
  • Vertex programs support
  • glIsEnabled was lacking number of capabilities


  • Uses the shared freetype.library

Libs/Vgraphics New

  • A new vector graphics library


  • ObjectiveC bridging support
  • Implemented MUI list column sorting
  • Gradient start and end colors are now internally stored with a much higher precision, meaning that, for example, gray gradients will actually look purely gray
  • Skin presets in Settings may now have multiple variants
  • Dirlist now listens to IDCMP_DISKINSERTED/REMOVED events to refresh volume listing
  • Fixes in Floattext.mui
  • Implemented mouse wheel support in Colorring
  • Fixed Scrollgroup.mui to work properly with MUIA_FrameTitle
  • Fixed 64bit file size support in Filepanel
  • Implemented a new in-place editing API for List.mui
  • Enhanced file/dir editing capabilities in Dirlist.mui, Filepanel.mui
  • Added inline editing of protection flags
  • MUI_EHF_PRIORITY flag, used for (temporary) objects needing absolute focus
  • Optimized eventhandler sorting
  • Added a Dataspace, Datamap Count attribute
  • Implemented BetterBalance.mcc functionality in Balance.mui
  • Fixed MUIV_Listtree_GetEntry_Flags_Visible
  • Added a MUIM_Relayout method
  • Implemented MUIA_List_Stripes
  • Tries to add a scrollgroup in case layout does not fit on the screen
  • Fixed MUIA_Window_RootObject's setter


  • Updated UI


  • Increased contrast and the resolution of boot images


  • Enabled keyboard backlight timeout setting for PBook5,2/5,3/5,4/5,5


  • Timezone setting moved to Time prefs


  • Updated default display modes, added a 1080p 30Hz default mode


  • Added shift click settings

Prefs/Preferences Reimplemented


  • Reworked the UI

Prefs/Printers New

  • PostScript printing settings


  • Added support for mousewheel up/down events in time textinput gadgets
  • Uses the new Calendar.mcc
  • Support new UTC APIs
  • Time zone is now configured with time/date


  • Added a new Lumen wallpaper


  • Updated and fixed most scripts
  • Added an example auth-startup file
  • Added a flowshell startup script

Skins/Albulus New

  • Designed to provide a familiar look to MacOS 9 (and X) users who are interested to try out MorphOS.
  • Includes matching MUI theme.

Skins/Ater New

  • Dark clean skin including matching MUI theme
  • Includes matching MUI theme and image set


  • Adds window shadows.
  • Fixes wrong scrollbar graphics depending on active / inactive window state.

Skins/Niteo New

  • New white skin and matching MUI theme.

Skins/Origo New

  • New retro-inspired skin with matching MUI theme.

Tools/Commodities/Shiftclick Replaced

  • The shiftclick functionality was merged into Mouse settings & intuition.library

Tools/Defrag Reimplemented

  • New Defrag with a shell interface allowing easy scripting


  • Updated to support new hardware platforms


  • Fixed a crash in Flacapella - old CurrentDir lock was not restored after dropping a CD onto the main window

Tools/LogServer Reimplemented


  • Fixed the AppIcon


  • Fix signed overflow if partition is very big


  • Sortable columns in the statistics view

Utilities/AudioRecorder New

  • A simple tool for recording sound

Utilities/Clock New

  • Fancy desktop clock with multiple skins

Utilities/CSVViewer New

  • Simple CSV file viewer


  • Added an "insert & mount" button
  • Changed default action (file drop and double click) to "insert & mount"
  • Added support for multiple files via app window drop
  • Added optional MOUNT switch for command line arguments


  • Fixed window grabbing from commandline
  • Added an option to grab the frontmost screen
  • Added support for the Reggae multimedia framework


  • Added a media properties window
  • Use a full pipeline with decoding enabled to get bit per sample for lossy formats that don't encode bitdepth in header
  • Added a caching mechanism for track length
  • Fixed seek slider to increase/decrease correctly when clicked outside the slider button, fixed seek slider to show the correct time when the selected list entry is changed
  • Added automatic loading of a playlist
  • Added tooltype support for playlist loading
  • When saving a playlist, a project icon based on Jukebox default icon is created, allows direct loading of saved playlist
  • Sorting by date fixed
  • The screenbar can now use external images, enabling skinning

Utilities/KeyExplorer New

  • Explore keyboard mapping


  • Fixed to display clipboard contents
  • Added button to view images without rescaling
  • Fixed to handle escaped quotation marks in links
  • Nice source code viewer with syntax highlighting
  • Rexx lend and lease with amigaguide.library


  • neuralnet.library dependency got removed

Utilities/FirstFlight New

  • Replaces old Bienvenue application.

Utilities/MIDI/MIDI Piano New

  • A MIDI virtual piano controller application

Utilities/Zoom Reimplemented

  • A new Zoom application making full use of Enhanced Display engine capabilities and featuring clipboard support

The following items have been removed: