Below you will find an extensive list of the work that went into MorphOS 2.4.
Please note that this is just an overview and does not mention or explain every new feature.



MorphOS 2.4 boot.img Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 2.3 and 2.4 releases of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components.

Quark and Related Modules

  • Mac Mini support
  • Timer fixes


ACTION_CHANGE_MODE support added


Fixed lock handling on disk change


Mac Mini support


  • Compatibility changes in old style window resizing, fixes GoldED
  • Fixes in window resize routines, including but not limited to
    GimmeZeroZero windows
  • Hides broken screenbar modules to avoid layout problems


Fixed broken disk formating code with disks larger than 124GB


Many fixes in the pciusb driver, mostly related to Mac Mini support



MorphOS 2.4 Disk Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made to the disk based components of MorphOS. While not mentioned for every component translations were updated for most of them. Also various cosmetical fixes were applied here and there.


Updated the code base to TrueCrypt v6.2


  • Updated to Curl 7.19.6.
  • Made webview links, quicklinks and bookmark entries draggable.
  • Made webview, tabs, "new tab" button, "add to bookmark" button, quicklink group, URL string and bookmark window droppable.
  • Implemented (optional) Favicon support. They are displayed in tabs and quicklinks.
  • Added save/restore session menu entries in project menu.
  • Made restore session requester at startup optional.
  • Added application/force-download and application/octet-stream to the default mimetype list.
  • Allows file download in "READWRITE" mode (which allows previewing during download).
  • Added history sidepanel (a listtree with date/website sorting is planned for a later version).
  • Made bookmark sidepanel update faster.
  • Added a "recently closed tabs" menu.
  • Focus to progress/done/error tab in download window.
  • Setting file comment doesn't fail anymore if the URL length is > 79 characters.
  • Download window wouldn't autoclose anymore if a download requester had been previously cancelled.


Updated to OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8k


Rendering fixes


Fixed a deadlock when reloading keymaps





Compatibility fixes to the old Installer command

C/HFSSetMacBoot New

A tool to bless a file on a HFS partition, making it bootable by OpenFirmware

C/OpenURL New

Allows opening an URL in the default browser


Fixed to set the correct date in case system clock wasn't set at all


Fixed a memory trash occurring when it took too long to display one frame


Compatibility fixes


  • Seeking fixes
  • Metadata support


  • New smart mode option
  • Image can now be customized


Fixed problems with wrong object height


  • Fixed the default configuration on EFIKA
  • Added defaults for Mac mini


  • Added a possibility to select the output controlled by the plugin
  • Added a possibility to save mixer settings
  • Fixed handling of outputs with 1 channel

Devs/AHI/ New

Mac Mini audio driver

Devs/Fileimage.device New

A device that makes it possible to mount disk image files


  • Fixed overlay support on autoscrolling screens
  • Fixed a bug in the new alpha blit functions with specified destination alpha function which would lead to trashed blits

Devs/Networks/sungem_eth.device New

Mac Mini ethernet driver


Fixed wrong CloseLibrary calls


Fixed lock handling on disk change

L/MacFileSystem New

File system for the Mac HFS disks, including write support


Now checks PROGDIR:HELP and HELP: with respective language subfolders

Libs/charsets.library New

A library providing charset conversion abilities to the OS




Fixed DTST_CLIPBOARD as DTA_SourceType with NewDTObject(), resulted in unusable clipboard

Libs/Goa3D (Warp3D)

Fixed off-by-one errors in scissoring


UTF8 support functions added, other cosmetic bugfixes


  • Bumped to v8 to avoid problems with applications demanding broken
    revisions of the library
  • Fixed LaunchPrefsAppA to load the MorphOS' OpenURL preferences instead of the custom editor


Fixed a crash on low graphics memory conditions


  • Fixed a deadly crash in the drag and drop routines
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Reworked and fixed NumericSlider
  • Corrected the default screen mode in settings
  • Removed some unconditional debug output


Added missing screen resolutions


Fixes in the gamma edit window


It is now easier to set the time and date.


  • Added a way to enable / disable certain ranges of characters, useful for cp12xx or KOI8 codepage users
  • Better handling of unprintable deadkeys


  • Fixed @NEXT and @PREV support in AmigaGuide
  • Printing is now asynchronous

Tools/FileImageCtrl New

A utility to control FileImage.device


  • Added Mac Mini support
  • Automatical partitioning and boot partition detection for the Mac Mini
  • Added a free space check to the destination partitions


Better Ext2/3 detection


Separate Ignore Workbench and Ignore Shell options


Added a way to run ShiftClick on the Mac mini (for single button mouse users)